About the Center

Volunteerism is a social and humanistic approach that has been promoted by societies and civilizations since time immemorial and has become a symbol of solidarity and cooperation among the members of society within its various institutions. Volunteer work has been closely linked to all the meanings of good and good work in all societies since eternity.

The values ​​of compassion and integration among the various sons of the country have long been recognized. These values ​​have emerged in many charitable works and many volunteer projects that have increased and multiplied over the years. The number of members and participants has increased, hence the need to find a mechanism for the development and implementation of works. Volunteer projects, coordinate efforts and provide assistance to various sectors of society concerned with volunteer work, and seek to encourage more of these activities and to encourage participation in them to serve society and reduce the burden of the state.

His Highness the Amir issued a decree to establish the Kuwait Center for Voluntary Work as a culmination of the achievements made in this field.

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